Sound of Metropolis

The compilation of these songs are the result of my impressions during my trips around the world. The music is inspired by famous artists who have lived in some cities I visited, but also, my own, very emotional moments I got there. The song, „Paris City Walk“, is a tribute to the great flute player, Herbie Mann. „Dark City“ is a composition under the impression of the Cool Jazz-Time – Miles Davis, with his song, „Blue in Green“, served it as a great source of inspiration. The song, „Istanbul“, has he same direction. The main theme of „Serenity in San Francisco“ reminds the West Coast Jazz, influenced by Wes Montgomery. The sounds of, „Back to Toronto“, reminds John Scofield, the guitar-playing turns pretty much into the direction of Jimmy Hendrix – the track, „Little Seahawk“ also sounds like the famous guitarist of the 60s. „Pursuit in London“ and „Berlin Power“ are two examples of film soundtracks.

Fusion (Groove Jazz with a little blues)

Album (All in You Tube/Spotify/Deezer/Apple Music etc.)

Pursuit in London, Paris City Walk, Dark City, Berlin Power, Istanbul, Serenity in San Francisco, Nervous Town, Back to Toronto & Little Seahawk

Del sur a las estrellas

Die Themen dieser Stücke sind von Begegnungen mit wichtigen Menschen und Orten in den Bergen oder am Meer entstanden. Inspiriert wurde ich vom Samba, Flamenco und orientalischer Musik.

Los temas de estas piezas surgieron de encuentros con personas y lugares importantes en la montaña o junto al mar. Me inspiré en la samba, el flamenco y la música oriental.

Jazz Album in Arbeit ein kleiner Vorgeschmack

Musicians on the Albums

Ralph Graessler, Jan Weil, Henrik Hölzen, Andreas Bühler, Bülent Kilis, Jan Giese, Heiko Kuhlenkampf, Judith Wagner, Andreas Poppelbaum, Bernhard Ullrich, Martin Auer, Michael Stodd, Lucas Temming, Julia Gámez, Fabio Aranalde, Teresa Luna Nobili, Phil Rosplesch